There is No Nerve Agent

USI & Britain Made It Up
“What a miraculous recovery if we start from the beginning of this story -A toxic Agent ten times worse than VX and on and on.”

“From day one all of the British Media, all of the media have been covering the story in exactly the same way; sometimes in exactly the same words and phrases… I find it very difficult to imagine how they are using the exact same words and phrases. I’m sorry but how does free media work here?

I find it very difficult to imagine 200 to 300 journalists report in the same way and then guess at the things that are happening and provide no proof at all. I thought that was very strange. Secondly is what I found to be absolutely bizarre:That this was supposedly a nerve agent – a military grade nerve-agent. Which for some reason was called nova chalk (which BTW was never developed in the Soviet Union; it was something that was invented in America.

But If that was a military-grade nerve agent, by now both the policemen who supposedly saved lives and the Skiorpals would be long dead.
There is no way that they could have survived. Somehow that point seems to have been missed by all the attention of the media?” (3min 31sec)

Patrick: “Where did this term Novo chuck come from – something that’s casually glossed over by the media, of something called Novo chalks – even back to the Soviet Union, chemical weapons research and development days. So what it is is a GV class which is A230 to 260 of agents and the reason this Novo chalk has been thrown out is to deflect from the fact that as your first guest pointed out, Alexandra: The UNITED STATES IS THE ONLY ONE TO DEVELOP THIS AT EDGEWOOD PROVING GROUNDS – the UNITED STATES ARMY’S BIOLOGICAL AND CHEMICAL PROVING GROUNDS in Edge wood Maryland, in 1998. This was published in ‘MIST’, for this class which is not Nova chuck it is a term invented by a Russian defector, who published it in his book in 2008. This is really a very important point because it deflects from the point itself, because the United States is the one nation on the record, who has developed and worked on this class of nerve agent, that is publicly known.”

Alexander: I think, to be honest with you Peter there is no nerve agent, over there—they’re making it up!” (concluding @9min 25sec)

CrossTalk on Skripal case: Problem with BoJo

Then there was this bombshell which the UN & global-media also chose to ignore!

Skripals’ Last Restaurant Order Not Released by UK. Niece Tells Russian TV

Victoria Skripal, the niece of the former Russian intelligence officer poisoned in Salisbury, England, has given her thoughts on the incident during an interview with Russia’s Channel One TV network.

The United Nations must be called into an emergency session, to review the new information; Given all the lies that have been in circulation around the poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury, England, America and the Brits must be put under a global-magnifying glass and held accountable for their lies.

Teresa May and Boris Johnson should both resign and face charges for their attempt to terrorize the planet, using publicly circulated-lies to permanently isolate and and to attempt to forever discredit Russia while permanently destroying anything that Russia has said, regarding any of the global problems for the last twenty years at least.

America must withdraw the most recent unsubstantiated illegal sanctions placed against Russia, along with their obscene actions against Russia’s embassy personnel in America – for what they did not do – and there should be major-consequences from the world; for USI’s gross violations of the diplomatic agreements to which Britain, America & Russia are signatories…

It’s all in this article that addresses “what really happened” versus the lies that both USI & Britain have been so desperately trying to pin on Russia, with contrived lies, to distract the global-public from everything that’s really been going on since this vicious and unfounded charade began.

The above was written yesterday, in two articles, but according to today’s “news” none of these charges have been taken seriously- by the so-called global-media, including RT.

Jim Kirwan


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