The Death of the Rule of Law

When JFK was assassinated, on the day in November of 1963, that marked the end of the Rule of Law, in United States Incorporated: We formally lost the Constitution and the Republic with the Act of 1871

“I discovered the “Act of 1871” which provides a separate Government over the District of Columbia, by congressional decree, with no constitutional authority for their actions. This legislation created the Corporate State that actually controls the United States, and governs the Constitutional version of our, formerly Democratic, Republic. With this in mind, traditional political events take on an entirely other dimension.”

Price of Prosperity – Kirwan Politics

By the time we came to the New Millennium U.S. Incorporated had succeeded in shutting down all efforts, to free ourselves from the House-of-Cards that has ruled over our absolute-slavery; which we’ve all been locked into, since Wilson and that corrupt congress gave away the U.S. treasury in 1913.

In 2001 the Supreme Court enabled the theft of the White House for George W. Bush, which marked our entry into the end of our lives, as a free people. It was only then that so many could finally see just how thoroughly corrupt we had become since the Zionist Assassination’s of Jack Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, Malcolm X and dozens of lesser known people that acted as nails in our national coffin.

Command Headquarters the War on Men

Fast-forward to this deeply shadowed world of April, in 2018 to see everything that our billions of silent-surrenders have now made crystal-clear.

What we now know begins with Clinton Cash and the horrifically corrupted Clinton Foundation. Thirty years of the open corruption of Bill, Hillary and Chelsea that over time have stolen billions with still no formal investigations, despite Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Benghazi, with the assassination of the U.S. Ambassador in Libya, and the illegal sale of one-fifth of the U.S. Uranium to Russia, from Oregon—not to mention all the crimes committed by the BLM throughout the Western United States, or the corrupted “trials” that have proven the US Corporate-government’s complicity throughout.

Clinton’s Criminality

650,000 Emails Added To The Treason

This has ultimately been a Crime Against Humanity so large that it’s effects, quite literally boggle the mind” Given the FACT that no one has ever been charged for any of these obscenities—the innocent blood of which we are all still permanently stained by.

Let me spell it out for those who might still “doubt”. Despite all their crimes, ultimately committed by over 9,000 public individuals—all the ringleaders of every bit of this are still walking free. This includes all the presidents and congressional members that haven’t died, since JFK’s life ended, notably: GWH Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr.,and Obama – the jury is still out on Trump. But all the members of the U.S. Supreme Court, a huge number of judges, Attorneys-General, and literally thousands of congressional ‘actors’.

This includes a large number of those in the FBI, CIA, and government agencies from BLM, Homeland Security, DEA, and every federal and state agency that has had anything to do with prosecuting Americans for trying to use any of our supposedly constitutionally guaranteed “rights and privileges” from the now dead and buried days of the Republic.

Since we have not chosen to act to free ourselves, the blatantly criminal UN along with NATO have continued to ply their impossibly-immense crime-spree against the planet. It is now clear that there is no longer any national or international law that can reign in these now global-outlaws that have ruled us with an iron fist for the illicit-global-corporations and the banks that serve only themselves.

The uninterrupted flow of these New Robber-Barons headed by Israel, Soros, McCain, Obama, Antifa,and the entirely corrupted political-parties that are trying to take down whatever might be left of the old US of A, for U.S. Incorporated. Then there are the millions of pedophiles, sexual deviates and sadists of all types that have been “at this” through the Vatican, The City of London and Washington D.C since 1871.I outlined this in pictures in 1965-66 with “The State of the Nation 1966″. It failed because there was no way to get this seen by enough people to challenge LBJ or anything else. And there was no internet.

Kirwan Politics – Oklahoma

There is a penalty for what has happened to all Americans. These events are referred to as “TREASON” and the legal penalty for that crime is death.

Jim Kirwan


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