PC Declares the End of History

The Merchant of Venice
Was written by Shakespeare just over 500 years ago.
But now his work is being subjected to removal.

History is the property of the entire world. And that History is not something that the current population can re-write at will, especially not because there are some things in history that “might-offend” some of the current occupants of the planet – especially when it comes to the creatures that don’t have the guts or the brains to live their own lives.

The current rage that began with Political Correctness began in the nineteen-thirties, with their efforts to totally alter everything about life on this planet. The work of William Shakespeare has now fallen out of favor with these twisted traitors to the human race—and the time for the world to castigate everything that these revisionists have targeted, has come.

Virtually every aspect of life in 2018 has now become fair game for these beyond-fragile creatures that cannot bear to be even remotely “upset” in the world that was here millions of years before they arrived and that will survive them all. The earth and its wonders was not created to please these hedonistic freaks, that do not qualify as human beings—in any sense of that term.

PC grew from the satanic-rituals of the global-depression after WWI, but their targets went far beyond the then current distorted views of the sexes, of drugs and dark-fantasies that then raged in the aftermath in Germany from the conclusion of that War. What they targeted was nothing less than everything that had once been the bulwarks’ of society. Their hatred for everything went deep and included everything from families to any and all traditions, rituals and societal habits and religions that, in their view, all had to be utterly and totally destroyed: To remove society from the earth to make way for their absolute degradation of everything that might result in living any form of a meaningful life.

So far they have perverted relationships between parents and children, between any and all laws regarding the raising of children, or even control over what sex their children will embrace, regardless of which sex the child is born with – and now children as young as five or six must be taught how to have sex with adults, as part of public education. The criminal state has followed that up with forcing public bathrooms on the public, without privacy or options for those that do not agree.

But the very latest campaign is designed to rid all societies of all signs, portraits memories, or HISTORY of anything that these oh-so-precious-children might ever be disturbed by. The real history is how adults learn about the mistakes and promises of the past, so that we can live better lives, it’s literally a gold-mine of facts and dreams and wonders both successful, and as failures, so that the current population need not repeat the mistakes of the past.

If we let this continue then we will only be replicating the characters in George Orwell’s “1984 that featured the constant rewriting of their-history every day, and in every way, so that no one could ever know what had been done or not done to them, before that given moment in their miserable lives.

That novel was about a world that was permanently “AT-WAR” with the whole planet: Something that Dick Cheney promised the world when we began his “FOREVER WAR” from which there appears to be no end… but I have yet to hear how that book should be banned or altered – because “1984” now stands for or future HISTORY.

The same is true for Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451,
where all books, and memento’s of the past must be burned.

The creatures that have instigated this growing obscenity must be dealt with, if anyone with any idea of any kind of actual future is to survive…

Jim Kirwan


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