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No Mincing Words…

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Goodbye to History
December 30

Sun Tzu & Fatal Errors
December 29

The Rock & the Hard Place
December 28

It Really Is This Simple
December 27

TEARS of the SUN
December 26

December 25

SHADOWS Seven Days from Darkness
December 24

From the SHADOWS Truth Emerges
December 23

December 23, 2012
December 23

In the Valley Of the Shadow of Death
December 22

Lt. Vance – RESIGN!
December 22

December 21, 2012
December 21

The See in Tranquility
December 20

Article Two
December 19

Does Any Government Dare Do This?
December 18

Open Letter to Lt. J. Paul Vance
December 18

December 17

Children First, Who’s Next?
December 16

December 15

‘The Fog of War’
December 14

December 12

Lies, Lies, Lies
December 12

December 10

December 9

December 7

Theater of the Obscene
December 6

Catastrophic Complexity
December 5

The Dysfunctional USSA
December 4

Thought Forms…
December 3

Israel Spits on the U.N.
December 2

Quest Versus Conquest
December 2

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The Borg
November 30

Nails in the Coffin – Part 4
November 28

Nails in the Coffin – Part 3
November 28

Nails in the Coffin – Part 2
November 28

Nails in the Coffin – Part 1
November 28

Aftermath, No longer an Afterthought
November 25

November 23

November 21

F-16’s Murder
November 20

Puppet Masters Inc.
November 19

When Innocence Dies…
November 17

November 16

The Untold Story
November 15

The Present: Living the Lies – Part Two
November 14

The Past: Distorting the Future – Part One
November 14

5 Days of the Second Term
November 12

Governing by Executive Order
November 11

No Place for Contrarians
November 10

The Tarnished House
November 7

Six Days in November
November 6

Super Star Sandy, Round 2
November 5

FEMA’s Visions
November 4

November 2

Rising From The Fall
November 2

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The Stories Inside The Story
October 31

NFL – The First Major Casualty
October 30

Eyes of the Storms
October 29

Turning The Clock Back…
October 28

Endgame On Display – Part Two
October 27

Endgame On Display – Part One
October 27

Monsanto: Not Too Big to Fail
October 25

In 1964
October 24

The Elegant Universe
October 23

The Silent Surrender
October 21

October 20

October 19

Comes Full Circle – THE TRIPLE CROSS
October 17

BASTA! Enough phony-global-terror-threats
October 14

Pipedreams & Promises
October 13

Warriors Look Back
October 10

Thunderbolts & Fire Arrows
October 10

One Hundred Years to Oblivion
October 10

Pawning the Past To Mortgage the Future
October 9

America Always Eats its Own
October 9

This is Not Happening!
October 7

Tetrahedron in Multiple Dimensions
October 5

Too BIG not to lose
October 5

Rense & Kirwan – The Truth is Always Being Hidden
10 min 26 sec video
October 2

DAMNIT! The Time Is Now
October 2

A Fool Will Come Forth
October 1

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“When in the Course of Human Events…”
September 30

No Justice, No Responsibility
September 29

The Story of ‘Us’
September 24

The Disillusioned Ones
September 23

The LAWS Of Unintended Consequences
September 22

The INQUISITION Inside Totalitarian USI
September 21

Abundance & Want
September 20

Face the Facts!
September 19

Stop the WARS Disenfranchise Israel
September 17

What is Behind this Moment
September 16

Take Back Your Money!
September 15

Israel Owes the USA
September 13

The SECRETS Beyond the Veils
September 12

Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied
September 11

September 9

Who Are These People!
September 8

Your Ticket to Hell
September 5

Civilization is the Great Lie
September 5

September 3

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The Turning Point – Part Two
August 30

The Turning Point – Part One
August 29

PROHIBITION Returns with a Vengeance!
August 26

Is it too Late to Dump the Media?
August 25

Through the Eyes of a Cop!
August 22

The Anatomy of Empire – Part Two
August 20

Empires of the City – Part One
August 20

Execution By Firing Squad
August 18

Twelve Years of Broken Promises
August 18

The Day the Drama Died!
August 17

Dangerous Delusions
August 17

Time to Go Hunting
August 16


August 11

TESTING The Feral Government
August 5

A Hard Reign is Coming
August 2

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Obama’s Double-Speak
July 29

Bloomberg: An alien mouth without a mind
July 28

NO – Hell NO!
July 22

July 22

The Pre-Emptive Attack On America
July 18

This Must Happen
July 17

Changing Our Lives
July 8

Retired General McChrystal
July 7

The Labyrinth
July 5

July 4

July 4th The Opposite of Independence
July 3

Putting the Pieces Together
July 2

Setting the Agenda
July 1

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Competition Kills
June 29

Today, Yesterday’s Tomorrow
June 29

Life Without Laws
June 28

Where do We Go from Here?
June 27

‘The Price of Everything
And the Value of Nothing’

June 26

PROHIBITION Our real founding document
June 24

Presumptions of Privacy
June 22

Oracles from History – II
June 20

Oracles from History – I
June 20

No President has the right…
June 20

June 19

Death Directs this Dance
June 18

What Happened to the Promise?
June 16

PROHIBITION Opened the Door
June 15

‘There is no Snare like Folly’
June 14

June 13

Three Kinds of People
June 12

Correcting the Record
June 11

Caesar’s Death Squads
June 11

Sex Drugs & Power
June 10

The Alter of Illusions
June 8

There is No “WE” Anymore
June 6

No Empire Can Survive!
June 5

Looking Back to the Future
June 4

CONTROL – Always a Double-Edged Blade
June 3

Murder & Obama’s Policies
June 3

Breathing is Political
June 1

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Use the Lies & Expose the Truth
May 29

Making WAR on IDEAS
May 27

Obama’s Pre-Emptive Strike
May 26

The Broken Bloodtrail Of 911
May 25

Afterlife in the Fourth Reich
May 23

Memorial Days Are Over
May 22

Excess Baggage
May 22

Congress Sold Out This Country!
May 17

Death by Fiat
May 16

Obama’s Private Playground
May 14

Time to PAY the Piper
May 14

Lies That Were Agreed Upon
May 13

Time Cannot be Stopped
May 12

FOREVER Does Not Exist
May 10

Wagging the Electronic Dog
May 9

May 5

America Has Surrendered!
May 3

The Shadow Government Goes Public!
May 2

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Taking Down Chicago
April 30

A King’s Ransom
April 30

April 30

‘Catching Fire’
April 29

April 26

TRUTH Has a Power All its Own
April 24

The 44th Anniversary
April 23

The Yellow Brick Road
April 22

Cutting California’s Courts
April 21

Justifying Tomorrow
April 18

Cynical Times
April 17

The Blood of Patriots & Tyrants
April 15

Who Speaks for the Future?
April 14

Let’s Cut to the Chase
April 13

The Pretenders
April 12

Living in the Now
April 11

April 9

Secrets & the Silence
April 7

What’s Going On!
April 6

Obama Must Explain DHS To the Nation
April 4

Forbidding Everything!
April 3

Imagining the Future without Israel
April 3

Killing Humanity For Fun & Profit
April 2

We Can See the Future
April 1

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Eleven Years of Hell – Part Two of Origins
March 31

Tracking the Origins – Part One
March 31

March 30

450 Million More Reasons
March 29

Israel Surrenders Credibility
March 28

When Greed is Beautiful
March 28

Magic-Realism & Reality
March 27

The Zionist Olympics
March 26

Killing the Future
March 25

Overwhelming Force
March 24

What Happened
March 22

Who is Number One?
March 21

Depths of Deception
March 19

Misusing Martial Law
March 18

The Death of Free Speech
March 16

The Stairway to Hell
March 14

“The Few, the Proud, the Marines”!
March 13

Questioning Authority
March 13

Inside the Twilight Zone
March 11

Coexistence is Not An Option
March 9

Yesterday’s Fatal Crack
March 9

The 8th Day of the Week
March 7

The Countdown Begins
March 7

Traitors or Leaders
March 6

Our Freedoms Were Never Free
March 5

Israel’s Amerika
March 5

The Life’s Blood of Nations
March 4

The Day That Didn’t Happen
March 3

Orwellian Angst
March 3

In the Shadows of Empire
March 2

Crossing the Threshold
March 1

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Paranoia is Killing its Advocates
February 29

The Mythical Day That should never come!
February 28

Higher Education
February 27

´President Lieberman’ Declares…
February 21

Who Speaks for America!
February 19

How Quickly We Forgot
February 17

February 7

We Are NOT Children
February 7

February 6

Life in the Crosshairs
February 5

February 3

Recapturing the Robber Barons/
February 3

Life & Death in the Balance
February 1

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The Ships of All States Are Sinking
January 30

Gather Round
January 29

Conquest Denied
January 25

Just Above the Volcano
January 24

Machines That Speak
January 23

The Clock is Ticking!
January 22

Full Fathom Five is Coming
January 21

Living Under the Midnight Sun
January 20

Misdirected Rage
January 18

Week 3 Of the Police-State
January 16

The Impossibility of Literal Full-Spectrum Dominance
January 14

TERROR, The Fear of Fear Itself
January 13

Our Past is the Future
January 12

The 4th Reich
January 11

‘Manifest Destiny’
January 10

People Without a Country
January 4

Caesar in Amerika!
January 2

2012’s Freedom
January 2

Congress Should Be In Jail – Kirwan & Rense
January 1 – 10 min 38 sec video

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December 30

2012 mirrors 1099-Going back to the Dark Ages
December 27

America Held Hostage!
December 26

Beyond Apathy
December 24

Listening With the Mind’s Eye
December 22

One, Two, Three Just Like Clockwork
December 21

Have We Failed?
December 20

Projections & Perspectives
December 19

December 18

Is Israel Attacking America!
December 16

When Reason Sleeps
December 16

The American Wall
December 15

We’ve Only Just Begun
December 13

TERROR! The Myth Behind the War
December 12

What is Security
December 11

December 10

Physical Impossibility Versus Reality
December 10

The Crucible of Freedom
December 9

The Many Faces of Torture
December 8

Waiting For the Other Boot to Fall
December 7

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