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No Mincing Words…

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From Bubbles To Immolation
December 30

The Odyssey Part 3
December 26

The Odyssey Part 2
December 24

The Global Odyssey Is Ending
December 23

Command Headquarters
December 21

The Just Us Systems
December 21

Breathing The Rarified Air
December 20

Surrendering To Press Releases
December 19

The Invisible War
December 19

Listen Up!
December 17

Sixty-One Years & Counting
December 16

When Everything Old Is New Again
December 14

Triumph Of Double Speak
December 12

Questions Americans Never Ask
December 10

The Dogs Of War
December 7

When Powers Lie
December 4

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Risks & Global Responsibility
November 29

Miscommunications & Lies
November 26

Justice Is Dead
November 25

The US Department Of War
November 23

The Future In Reverse
November 21

Pirates Of The New Millennium
November 18

Bursting Global Bubbles
November 15

The Universal Clock Continued
November 15

Trying To Stop Time
November 15

America’s Caligula
November 14

America’s Caligula Continued
November 14

“Silencing Truth With Defamation”
November 12

Disconnected From Reality
November 11

Baiting Chaos
November 11

Nine Days Of Nothing
November 10

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October’s Closing Thoughts
October 31

‘Living in the Echoes’
October 29

Back To World War One
October 28

War Without End – II
October 27

War Without End
October 26

Pandemic Panic?
October 24

Violence Begets Violence
October 22

Which Borders Still Exist?
October 21

Rumors Are Killing The Truth
October 21

The Exeptional Nation
October 19

Obamanation’s Illegal Czars
October 18

Nothing Is What It Seems
October 17

24 Hours Of Joy
October 17

The Global Threat Is USI
October 15

The 101 Year War
October 14

Global Governments Worldwide Have Failed
October 14

Crusaders Then & Now
October 14

Unleashing The Rabid Dogs Of War
October 13

Wagging The Dog Worldwide
October 12

The Elegant Theory Of Everything?
October 11

Chaos Conspiracies
October 10

MUNI Riders In San Francisco Being Arrested
October 10

The Incredible Charade
October 9

Witness For The Prosecution
October 9

Identity Protection Is Criminal
October 7

The Age Of Hypocrisy
October 6

The World Beneath The Lies
October 5

The Answer To Everything
October 3

Playing With Fire
October 2

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Nero’s New Millennium
September 30

The Useless Secret Service
September 30

Pieces Of Dreams
September 29

Breaking Taboos
September 27

Of Responsible Freedom
September 26

In The Global Aftermath
September 25

The War On Terra
September 25

Israeli Jets Sneak Into Syria
September 23

The Coalition Of The Guilty
September 23

The Global Oligarchy
September 22

Stopping The Clocks On Empire
September 21

Longshanks Still Lives!
September 20

Tearing The World Apart!
September 19

Congress & Their License To Kill
September 18

Cut To The Chase!
September 17

Regime Change In America!
September 16

All Things Considered?
September 16

No Borders, No Laws
September 14

Now Clearly Behind The Curve!
September 13

The Axe Is Coming Down!
September 12

The Ruins Of Lawless Wars
September 11

Silencing The Internet
September 10

Infamy Ignored
September 9

Going Back To The Future
September 8

NATO In Context
September 8

Deconstructing NATO
September 7

Divide & Conquer Is Complete!
September 6

September 5

Living In Infamy!
September 4

NATO’s Rapid Response Force To Counter Putin
September 2

Kafkaesque NATO & Rasmussen
September 2

Playing At Global War
September 1

Rebels Smash Kiev’s Morale
September 1

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Western Projections Have Failed
August 31

Israel’s Nuclear Blackmail
August 30

Secrets & Lies!
August 30

Deconstructing The Spin
August 29

Ukraine Has Failed
August 28

Holding The World Hostage
August 27

Hints Of Change?
August 26

The Death Of War
August 26

Flipping the Script!
August 25

There’s Much, Much More
August 24

Is This All There Is!
August 23

Racism & Hypocrisy Rule
August 23

And Obama Just Plays Golf
August 22

Stuck In A 2,000 Year Quagmire
August 22

When Laws Were Few
August 21

Boycott, Boycott, Boycott! ISRAEL
August 21

Putin Must Say NO ­ Again!
August 20

Courts Are Dead In The USA
August 19

Eight Days In August!
August 19

Murdering The Pacific Ocean
August 18

Apartheid In America!
August 18

Dispelling The Myths
August 16

Israel Must Cease to Exist!
August 15

There Is No Honor In This
August 14

The License To Kill
August 14

August 13

Kiev Joins Israel
August 13

Stop Listening!
August 12

The Depth Of Corruption Worldwide
August 11

Consequences Cannot Be Denied!
August 11

The Future is D.O.A.
August 10

‘Belonging’ Revisited!
August 9

Nuremberg Charges Against Israel?
August 8

Global Genocide
August 7

Genocide In Ukraine
August 6

What Has Israel Done!
August 6

28 Days Of Infamy In Gaza
August 5

Anything Goes!
August 5

Murder Is Now Legal
August 4

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Blatant Slaughter
July 28

Israel’s Continuing Wars
July 28

Europe Has Three Masters
July 26

The Trial Of Israel?
July 26

Calculating The Impossible
July 25

The Final Chapter For Israel
July 25

The Day The U.S. Died!
July 24

Barbarity Becomes Universal
July 24

The Israeli Trifecta!
July 22

Israel’s ‘Right to Exist’!
July 21

What Has Israel Ever Done
July 21

Nothing Lasts Forever!
July 20

Propaganda Unlimited!
July 20

Phase Two – Obliterating Gaza!
July 17

Aiding & Abetting Intensified
July 17

Self-Appointed Master Of The Universe
July 16

Interview with Kirwan on Rense (mp3, 44 minutes)
July 15

Still Holding The World Hostage
July 15

La Raza
Wrong Time, Wrong Place
July 14

Blood In Oil & Gas
July 14

330 Million More I
July 13

330 Million More II
July 13

By Any Means Necessary?
July 12

Three Million Targeted!
July 12

USrael & Refusing All Responsibility
July 11

The Crusades ‘R’ Back!
July 10

Putting It In Perspective
July 10

UN’s Attempted Genocides
July 9

Ending The Sexual Quagmire
July 8

Israel’s Continuing Genocide
July 8

Corporate Genocide
July 7

Aiding & Abetting!
July 6

Calling Them By Name!
July 5

How We Came To Be
Where We Are Today
July 5

The Wake Of The United States
July 4

The World On Fire I
July 4

The World On Fire II
July 4

On the Missing Nuclear Weapons from US Arsenals
July 3

The Global Conductor of Genocide
July 2

The Civilized State
Of Russian Affairs
July 1

…And Nobody Stood Up
July 1

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Disentangling The Lies
June 30

The Race To Extinction
June 30

Chaos Rising!
June 29

Numbers Always Matter
June 29

America’s Last Stand for the Jews
June 28

Put Up Or Shut Up!
June 27

Turning Back The Clock Of History
June 26

Lord Of The Flies Goes Global
June 26

‘Mutual Assured Destruction’
June 24

Civilization Is Burning!
June 23

As Abroad So At Home
June 22

USI Feeding On The Dead & Dying
June 21

Sarajevo Returns To Europe
June 20

Three Puppets Not Leaders
June 19

USI Ends World Peace
June 18

Four Wars One Enemy!
June 18

Check Or Checkmate?
June 17

EU Forced To Beg For GAS!
June 17

Treason Extortion & Insanity
June 16

A National Monument To High Treason
June 15

Obama Surrenders
June 15

June 14

ISIS On Friday The 13th
June 13

Journey Part Two
June 13

Catching Fire!
June 11

Show Us The Proof!
June 9

The Return of the Plague
June 9

Killing The Messengers
June 8

Time for Some Hardball
June 7

The Road Not Taken!
June 7

Indifference Breeds The Whirlwind
June 7

Living The Impossible Lies
June 6

We’ve Figured it Out!
June 5

Warcrimes Reruns & Atrocities
June 5

We Got The Memo!
June 4

The Crucible Of Kiev
June 3

The Price Of Closure
June 2

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Art In America
May 30

Unintended Consequences?
May 30

Missing In Action?
May 29

Democracy For The Dead
May 29

Metastasizing The Lies Of War
May 28

It’s The Little People!
May 27

The Rebellions Begin
May 25

And The Rains Begin
May 23

Land Grab Wars Continuing
May 22

H2O Returns to Earth
May 21

The Last Human Generation
May 20

The Plantation State
May 19

Interview on Blogtalkradio (2 hours)
May 18

Living Behind The CNN Curtain
May 18

Warcrimes In Slavyansk
May 17

Personalizing War
May 17

Obamanation’s Private Army
May 16

Full Spectrum Dominance
May 16

Losers Never Win!
May 15

Regime Change Now!
May 15

Victims Of The Past
May 14

The War Of Lies
May 13

If The Unchosen Speak
May 12

The American Referendum
May 12

Asymmetrical War In The U.S.
May 11

The Scorched Earth
May 10

Nullify U.S. Incorporated
May 7

Sending In The Troops
May 7

It’s Not Just Amerikans
May 5

May 5

Global Murderers of the World
May 4

The Gods of Global War
May 4

Ending The Odyssey
May 3

Insurgents ‘R’ Us
May 2

Stigmatizing Putin
May 2

Stigmatizing Putin Is All
The US Policy On Ukraine Is
Interview with Kirwan (video 9 min 48 sec)

May 2

Mythology & The Chessboard
May 1

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Living Behind The CNN Curtain
April 30

Pawnbrokers Inc.
April 30

End The Treason Now
April 29

Chessboard’s & Lies
April 28

Slave Owners
When Everyone Old is New Again
April 27

Only The Lies Are True
April 26

What’s Going On?
April 25

The Stazi In America!
April 24

‘The World Incorporated’
April 23

Just Imagine!
April 22

The Nightmare Deepens
For The Government
April 22

Theater Of The Absurd
April 21

Stuck In Obama Warp
April 21

Everyone Has Opinions
April 20

Act Three
April 18

April 17

‘Show Me Some ID!’
April 17

Great News is Coming!
Bye-Bye Silly-Con Valley
April 16

Questions & Answers
April 16

Nevada No Victory-Yet!
April 15

Careful Thoughts & Serious Actions
April 14

Striking Back!
April 14

The 5th Wheel
April 12

Yesterday’s Promises?
April 11

Nevada Is Ukraine In The USSA
April 10

April 9

The Twilight Zone
April 8

Corporate Plundering!
April 7

Once Upon An Oath?
April 6

Endgame 1994 – 2014
April 5

What’s Next?
April 5

Invisible War On Society
April 4

Believe In Being “ODD”
April 2

April 1

Having It Both Ways!
April 1

Obama’s Kill List
April 1

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Insanity Incorporated
March 31

March 30

Americans In The Crosshairs
March 29

Death & The Paper Tiger
March 29

March 28

Seize This Moment!
March 28

The Cataclysmic Threat
March 27

We Can’t Go Back
March 26

Wheels Within Wheels
March 26

Today & Yesterday’s Tomorrow
March 25

The Ugly Truth
March 24

The Club Of Rome
March 22

The Dustbowl & The State
March 21

Stealth Warfare In Urban America
March 18

Surrendering All Rights
Paradigm-Shattering Crimea Vote
March 18

Where’s The Reality?
March 17

That’s It!
God’s On Vacation And Obama Stepped In
March 17

Crimea Leads the Way
March 16

USSA To The World
“Do Exactly As We Say, Not As We Do”
March 15

The University Of The Streets
March 13

Facts Not In Evidence (2)
March 13

Secrets Are The Enemy
March 13

March 13

We Lost ‘The President’
March 13

Just-Us & The Law
March 12

Land Of The Free
March 11

Stalking The World
March 9

Zeroing-Out Zero-Tolerance
March 8

Will We Never Change?
March 7

End Of The Line
March 7

U.S.S.A. Hypocrisy Incorporated
March 6

What Has Israel Done For Anyone Else
March 6

The Crucible
March 2

Mysteries & Illusions
March 1

What Happens In Darkness
March 1

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The Shadows ‘R’ Burning
February 28

Gaza In Syria
February 27

Entitlement For Some
February 26

Individuality In Shoes Of Blood
February 25

Questions That Just Keep On Comin’
February 25

California Goes Communist
February 23

No Mincing Words…
February 22

DHS Is IDF In Drag
February 21

The Invisible IDF
February 21

The Unholy Commandments
February 20

Class Warfare Redefined
February 20

February 18

Tortured History & Televised Lies!
February 17

Subliminal Subtext Languages
February 17

Military Insanity
February 16

Killing The Future
February 14

The First War Gods
February 13

Question Everything!
February 13

Facts Not In Evidence
February 12

Darkness Illuminated
February 11

San Francisco Underwater!
February 11

California’s Water War
February 10

Silence & Torment
February 9

Fire On The Wind
February 7

Upside Down & Backwards
February 3

Traitor Dome?
February 2

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‘Bonfire Of The Vanities’
January 31

January 30

The Flim-Flam Man
January 29

Interlocking Lies
January 28

Cui Bono?
January 27

Obama’s Lawless State
January 27

Redirecting This Fire
January 26

January 25

Stop Everything Now!
January 25

Are All Victims Equal?
January 24

Playing With Eternal Fire
January 22

Projections vs. Reality
January 20

Secrets & Lies
January 20

Changing Homeland Security
January 19

Justice & The Law
January 19

The Public!
January 17

‘Solutions’ Are Not The Problem
January 16

D-Day 2014
January 15

Let’s Talk
January 15

‘The Book Thief’
January 14

The Future
January 13

Serving Emperor Netanyahu?
January 12

The Darkest Secrets
of The Shadow Goverment
January 11

‘Modern Art’
Still A CIA Weapon
January 9

Your Mind & Your Space?
January 8

Spikes Of The Trident
January 8

The Oldest Infants
January 7

The Failed State Of Israel
January 6

Faces of Treason
January 5

Let’s Change Everything!
January 5

‘Law’ No Longer Exists
January 4

Where Are The Indictments
January 3

Castles Of The Heart
January 2

Unmasking The Reality
January 2

January 1

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