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No Mincing Words…

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Suppression Going Beyond Censorship
December 30

New Rights For The Third Sex
December 30

Sabotaging America From The Inside Out
December 29

Time To Remember Who We Are
December 29

The Left Hand Of ‘God’
December 27

The ‘WAR’ on ‘WHO’
December 24

The Third Wave
The Barbarians versus Civilization
December 22

The U.N. Trojan Horse
December 20

When We Ignore History
December 19

The Strangulation of Freedom
December 16

A Breath of Fresh Air
December 13

What’s Behind the Veils
December 12

Blackmailing the World
December 10

Hypocrisy & Stolen Powers
December 9

This Government is Anti-American
December 9

Ending Rights for American Women
December 7

Loretta Lynch & Free Speech
December 7

Why, Why, Why
December 6

Flashing Thoughts
December 5

Lawless Coalitions
December 4

BP Again & Again & Again
December 3

U.S. Left Joins Angela Merkel
December 2

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Blind Faith in Global Leaders
November 29

The Useless UN & Toothless NATO
November 27

American Masculinity
Is Dead
November 26

International Fallout
November 26

The Rothschild-Khazarian Conspiracy
Just Committed Suicide
November 24

November 22

Crossing Borders
November 21

The Good The Bad & The Ugly
November 20

Politicians First
November 18

Russia’s Breakthroughs
November 17

Approaching Global Insanity
November 17

The Empire of Chaos
November 16

Reactions to Russia’s Successes
November 15

P.C. America’s 3’d Party
November 12

The Ultimate Taboo
November 11

Global Death
And the Future of the Human Race
November 10

Rebalancing the DWO
November 9

The United States of Nothing
November 8

Interview with Mitch Santell
on American Freedom Radio (MP3, 2 hours)
November 7

November 6

World’s Apart
November 5

Question Everything Again!
November 5

Time to Get Creative!
November 4

The Winding Down Begins
November 3

The First 30 Days
November 2

Enforcing Global Lies
November 1

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Revising History
October 31

The Assassination of America
October 30

October 28

When You’re In The Hole Stop Digging
October 26

Israeli Policies
October 25

Everyone Has An Angle
October 25

Razor-Wire in the Blood
October 23

Putting the Pieces Together
October 23

Where Oh Where Is The U.S. Navy?
October 22

No Mincing Words
October 21

Is the Last Card Being Played?
October 20

A.I. The Arrogance of Ignorance
October 19

Checkmating the Rules of Force
October 17

American Responsibilities
October 16

The UNSSA Press Conference
October 15

Rolling the Dice in Syria
October 14

Snatching Strength
October 12

The Real Costs of War
October 12

The Death of Western Civilization
October 11

Everything Dies, Especially Empires
October 11

Targeting Global Lies
October 7

Opening Global-Dialogue
October 6

The Failure to Face Reality
October 4

Duplicity On All Levels
October 2

One Day Of Action
October 1

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All Enemies, Foreign & Domestic
September 30

September 29

Global Convocation Of Hypocrites
September 27

The Inquisition of the West
September 25

Exodus & The Global Trojan Horse
September 23

The Depth of ‘Legal Criminality’
September 22

Culture Clash In Germany
September 18

‘Not A Winning Strategy’
September 15

Israel Did It
September 14

Aiding & Abetting
September 13

Mah Fallow Amarrikans!
September 11

Full Spectrum Dominance
September 10

The Predator’s Ball
September 10

The Zombie Apocalypse
September 9

Blowback & The Doomsday Book
September 8

Facts Not In Evidence
September 7

Global Dispossession
September 6

Darkly Through the Hourglass
Twelve Years On…
September 5

And We Call This Progress?
September 4

September 3

Global Predators & Outlaws
September 2

America’s Ugly Problem
September 1

The Origins Of Global Terrorism
September 1

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WWIII Is Five Years Old
August 30

Illuminating The Darkness
August 28

Decades Of Deception
August 27

The Thought Police
August 25

Trumpeting For The Empire
August 23

Where Do We Go From Here?
August 21

The New Tower Of Babel
August 19

Blood Moon Rising
August 18

Silence Is Deafening
August 17

The Future
Of the Children of Men
August 16

Thoughtforms Of Reality
August 16

USI Strikes Again
August 15

Global-Political Pole Reversal
August 14

Regime Change in America
August 13

Who Pulls Your Strings?
August 12

Celebrating Treason
August 12

Reality Speaks
August 10

Answering For Past Lies
August 8

The Axis Of Evil
August 5

Us Or Them?
August 5

Revisited: Rage & Outrage Are Waiting
the article and the video
Originally published November 11, 2011

Shutting Down The Circus
August 4

Tracking Ancient Hidden Knowledge
August 3

Worlds That Never Were
August 2

The Precariat Generation
August 1

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Mastering The Human Domain
July 31

July 28

Heresy & The Human Race
July 26

State Created Replacements For ‘US’
July 26

The Road Not Taken
July 25

The Darkrooms Of The Mind
July 23

Amerika’s Lawlessness
July 21

There Have Always Been Choices
July 19

Surrogate Government Imposters
July 19

The Ugly Amerika
July 17

July 17

History Makes A U Turn
July 16

The Hidden Secrets
July 16

Israel Continues To Defy The World
July 15

Think Then Act
July 14

July 12

The Path Of Destruction
July 11

A Russian Humanitarian Airlift
July 11

The Underbelly Of The Beast
July 9

Infallible Debt Not A Divine Right
July 8

The Human Element
July 7

Obama Surrenders
July 6

Name Just One Country
July 5

Independent No More
July 4

Power, Money & The Super-Ego
July 1

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Yesterday’s Gone
June 28

Vulture Capitalism
June 24

Between The Lines
June 22

The New Atlantis That Died
June 21

Suspended Animation
June 20

June 17

June 14

June 13

June 12

June 11

June 10

June 10

June 8

June 7

June 6

Where’s The Outrage?
June 3

Will The Sun Rise
June 1

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Apathy Rules Again
May 29

Playing With Fire
May 28

The Countdown Begins
May 27

Forgetting Memory
May 24

Where’s The Air Force?
May 24

Silence Hides The Lies
May 22

Objects Of Surveillance
May 19

The Invisible Public
May 18

Vigilante Government
May 16

The Sixth Crusade
May 15

Stormclouds Are Here
May 5

What’s Wrong With The World
May 5

Knowledge Is Power
May 3

Global Curtain Call for Hellstorm
May 3

Nature’s Shaping The Rebellions
May 2

The Naked Truth
April 28

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Nature Strikes Back
April 27

Displaced People
April 23

The Global Murder Of Libya
April 21

Gordon Duff – Promises vs. Reality
April 20

Americas Khazarian Traitors
April 19

Amerikan Exceptionalism
April 18

Regime Change Is Global Genocide
April 16

Israel Demands Global Acceptance
April 12

Military Blackmail & The Sanctions
April 11

Let’s Prove It
April 8

Using Shadows To End The DEBT
April 7

A Thought Form
April 6

The Khazarian Supremacy
April 5

The Supremacy
Where Everything Comes Together
April 4

“The Deal” Is Officially No Deal
April 3

America To Invade Herself
April 2

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It’s Trust & Betrayal At The Core
March 30

From The ‘US’ House Of Representatives
March 30

Privatized Propaganda Is Failing
March 28

Martial Law Seeks Greater ‘Permission’
March 27

Congress Openly Attacks America
March 26

Amerika’s Terminal Inferiority
March 25

Challenging The Master Domain
March 25

Hatreds Still Cling To Obsolete Symbols
March 24

The Insanity Of General Breedhate
March 24

Global Occupation By USI
March 24

Dominance In The Night Sky
March 22

Running Out Of Targets?
March 21

March 20

Rebalancing Reality
March 19

Going Back To The Future
March 18

The Balance Of Power
March 15

The Burning Flag Of All Nations
March 14

Treason Continues
March 13

Mocking The Truth
March 11

Hillary And Dianne Should Be Cellmates
March 9

The Air Farce Commander
March 8

What The Hell Are We Waiting For!
March 6

U.S. Declares War
Victoria Nuland & Israel Declares War On Russia
March 4

Exposing The Ugly Truths
March 4

The Inescapable Past
March 3

Privatized Murder In San Francisco
March 1

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Copyrighting Human Lives
February 28

Still Waiting…
February 26

Rethinking Illuminations
February 26

Unspoken Truths
February 24

Inverting Reality Worldwide
February 23

World War Incorporated
February 20

Embracing The Masks
February 20

The Turning Point
February 19

The Troika & Tar Baby
February 18

Making War On Reality
February 17

TTP’s Full Spectrum Dominance
February 15

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
February 14

The Five Year Plan Is Dead
February 1

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Getting Down And Dirty
January 30

Deconstructing History
January 28

January 27

Ninety-Nine To One
January 26

The New World Order Revealed
January 25

The Chessboard Has Imploded
January 25

Obama Indicted Himself
January 23

The Shadow Empire
January 22

Banishing The Shadows
January 18

Separating Us From Ourselves
January 17

Transnational Death Squads
January 16

Life Is A Gift
January 15

Charlie’s Hypocrisy
January 14

Who Is Charlie?
January 14

The Unseen Sun
January 10

The Death Of Life
January 9

Children Of The Empty Promise
January 8

Real Risks Are Overrated
January 7

Everything Is Coming True
January 6

Shakespeare Got It Right
January 4

One Million To One
January 4

Betting Against Ourselves Since WWII
January 3

The Kool Aid
January 1

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