WHY Did the USA Keep Large Numbers of Troops

WHY did the USA keep Large Numbers of Troops in all the Axis Nations, after the wars were over

The Second World War ended about 73 years ago. All the Axis military powers were totally defeated and yet “America” kept our troops and expanded our bases in Germany, Italy, and Japan – despite the creation of NATO and the UN?

We also added huge numbers of troops in South Korea even though that neutralized nation was not directly threatened by the North. How much money did we waste on this entire “military-farce”, which continues to this day, beneath the one thousand more unnecessary bases that have been added globally since then?

What possible reason could that blatant move have served? Were we afraid that any of the forces we were part of defeating in WWII, would magically come back to life?

If we had spent that money rebuilding the American Manufacturing sector, or fixing the VA, or America’s schools; given real help for the homeless or completely reinvigorating our highways, transportation systems or the cultural wasteland that’s been stolen by the filthy-rich – but NO, we had to dump every spare dime into the over-rated military as ordered by the Zionists and the International Outlaws that call themselves Bankers which, all told, had to amount to hundreds of TRILLIONS in totally wasted money, over the last 73 years?

Instead of prosperity America got “WAR, WAR & LOTS MORE WAR”, as proclaimed by Donald Rumsfeld, upon the outbreak of Shock & Awe in Iraq, and as we have seen, Cheney’s promise for “UNENDING WARS” HAS NOW BECOME AN UNDENIABLE FACT.

Americans were robbed, first by the false-flag of Pearl Harbor and then by the false flag of 911, to force America into the Second World War, Korea, and the beginning of this Third World War that is now in full swing. And still no one has been charged for any of the false-flags or the fake wars: Not to even mention all the TRILLIONS that have gone missing, or the unmentionable amount that the public has spent on all those totally failed declarations of “WAR” that were nothing more than a global pretense to feed the endlessly hungry coffers of the global-traitors to the Republic of the United States: which since the act of 1871 has been nothing but a foreign private corporation called UNITED STATES INCORPORATED.

Technically every person that took an oath since the Act of 1871 has been a TRAITOR and should have been charged, removed and shot for TREASON.

Those are just some of the facts beneath the bankruptcy of UNITED STATES INCORPORATED – what’s it going to take to get people out into the streets to demand the resignation of this fake government – before the coming “mid-term election”?

Don’t hold your breath, too many Amerikans are too busy being Politically Correct to bother with trying to save their own miserable lives!

Jim Kirwan


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