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A self-published book by the author Christine Carmines: I did the cover and a dozen illustrations. The book details the ‘magick’ of Tarot, as defined in the Fool’s Journey – inherent in the film “Star Wars.”

The legal department at Lucasfilm had obstructed Ms. Carmines from seeking traditional publication of her book in a timely fashion, and I was the only one willing to undertake the task. Timing, as always was everything and by the time her book was published – the spotlight had moved on.

Obi Wan and the Mirror

Darth Vader

Obi Wan Kenobi

Luke Skywalker



Hanged Man

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Ready for the People was sponsored by both the California Chamber of Commerce and the California District Attorney’s Association and was financed by a federal grant through the Office of Criminal Justice Planning. There were 100,000 copies of the book.

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From Pomegranate Publications; in this 96-page book I did the cover art and fifteen pages. The book sold 275,000 copies.

In Pursuit of the Unicorn


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This was one of the six covers I did for that publication in 1980. That same year the magazine earned a Golden Quill Award for “The most innovative publication of 1980” by the International association of Business Communications.

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West Magazine cover, San Jose Mercury News
One of many covers in the last 10 years.

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