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The Mural, another triptych

Early in 1969 I was commissioned to paint a mural for Ben and Judy Nysewander, for their home in Dover Shores, Newport Beach, California. A sketch on the back of a napkin began this unusual piece, and it was finished in 90 days

”Today, Yesterday’s Tomorrow” consists of 132 sq. ft, oil on canvas over wood, flush mounted to the wall – with two moving panels (doors). The idea was generated by a phrase from Paul Valery:

“Man lives and moves in what he sees – but he sees only what he dreams.”

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The Genesis Project

Owned by Mr. & Mrs. Winters in California. 48″ circles – oil sketch.

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Drunken Moon

Playbill for a movie

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End of the Line

Center piece of the playbill for the stage production. ©1995

The End of the Line was a 1990’s musical comedy produced by Pauline Davies, which enjoyed a brief run at the Cable Car Theater in San Francisco.

The logo seems fitting here, as it marks the end of a period and the beginning of a new era. My next project begins where Rodin left off with his monumental Gates of Hell.

I’ve been working on four chess sets, consisting of 144 pieces of sculpture. The originals are black wax, and many are five piece molds to accommodate the frozen motion captured in each figure. These classical and often bizarre figures will be used as models for painted parts of the project, and many will also be hollow-cast as part of the finished work.

The theme of this new work was taken from the writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez:

“The almost invisible roots of everyday things,
that intertwine with mystery;
To create the living walls that separate us – from ourselves”

I’m looking for a sponsor to underwrite this venture. The scale of this work would need a very public home, not unlike the work of Diego Rivera who did the mural for Rockefeller Center.

If you are interested in discussing the possibilities, I can be reached at the e-mail address shown below.

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Preliminary Sketch

Click to view larger images for more detail: top part and bottom part.

24SP-PreliminarySketch sm

Eight by Five foot preliminary sketch 1973
For the doors to “THE CITY”
Home of ‘The Pretenders’

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