Taking Down Chicago

Chicago America’s Second City is in line to be destroyed from the inside out by the political establishment that is serving the ZATO Conference, in a way that is intended to destabilize and potentially destroy the prestige and the business community in that once proud American City—just to pacify our new OWNERS and their supposed needs.

This will be the first ever use of FEMA (given that this time they shall have had more than a month) to prepare themselves to wreck a major city and its communities. True they have been used before but to date have had no results to show for their involvement anywhere else – so despite the fact of their public-existence: This will be the first time that they will be spotlighted for their involvement.

“Given the security precautions that have taken place already, though, has given many the impression that the upcoming summit and the protests it is expected to spawn will be unlike anything Chicago has experienced before. Last week RT reported that the US Federal Protective Service will send armed agents into the downtown Chicago three weeks ahead of the NATO Summit to prepare for the swarm of protesters expected to arrive in time for the event. Both the NATO host committee executive director and the mayor of Chicago told reporters last week that they were not made aware of the deployment of armed agents until the story was picked up by local media.

Should emptying out one of the most populated cities in America in event of a national emergency seem too much for Chicago authorities to handle, Cook County, Illinois Sheriff Tom Dart has told the Sun-Times that he has another idea for any incidents that may arise. Sheriff Dart says that in case of a protest turned violent, law enforcement should send demonstrators to Cook County Jail, a massive price facility that has been vacant for over a decade.

“It’s empty and it will be empty. There are no issues with that. If it’s functional, it wouldn’t take a lot of manpower to monitor. Transportation would be a straight shot down I-55. Across the street is Stateville [Correctional Center] We’re going there anyway,” the sheriff tells the Sun-Times.

“The only thing everybody agrees is this is unpredictable. We’re trying to keep that in mind.”

Last month it was reported that authorities decided to move the G-8 Summit, originally scheduled to occur in the days before the NATO conference, out of Chicago to Camp David, Maryland.” (1)

“If Transportation Security pat downs at public venues, thousands of drones over the skies of America, and the National Security Agency’s new Echelon-like listening center in Utah weren’t enough to convince you that we’re living in a police state, then perhaps the latest news out of Chicago will change your mind.

As world leaders prepare to meet in the windy city for their annual NATO summit, U.S. federal officials are working feverishly to implement a security net so broad that it encompasses the entirety of Cook County, Illinois. While international summits are traditionally met with a larger police presence and preparations for the possibility of protests or rioting, what’s taking place on American soil in anticipation of the May 20 meeting in downtown Chicago can be interpreted in only one way – the implementation of regionalized martial law.

Last week Red Cross officials reported that the City of Chicago, Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service had instructed them to prepare for a mass evacuation of the city in the event of an emergency during the NATO summit. The Red Cross was to prepare to shelter and feed residents in the event of such an evacuation.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is testing an emergency plan to shut off access into and out of downtown Chicago. The plan uses a network of highway security gates that are designed to shut down all traffic coming in and out of Chicago in the event of a terrorist attack.

The Illinois DOT is warning truckers that it’s best to avoid the city during the NATO Summit in Chicago May 20-21. There will be a number of driving restrictions and rolling street closures, and the Illinois DOT is testing highway barricades that will block access to all major highways in and out of Chicago.

These barricades, which started being installed on Chicago highways back in 2005, are deigned to restrict or cut off access to roads during an emergency like a bioterrorism attack.

…The Illinois DOT’s testing of these highway entrance ramp gates has many worried about the chaos that NATO may bring to Downtown Chicago. There is already talk about widespread city wide evacuations, rioting, terrorist attacks and even large scale detention centers and arrests.

Detention Centers

It’s been reported by the local media, that Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is devising a strategy to deal with large-scale mass arrests during the NATO Summit meeting. In fact, the Chicago Sun Times is reporting that the once abandoned Joliet State Prison may be reopened as a mass detention center for NATO.”

Joliet prison is about 40 miles from Chicago and can hold about 1,300 prisoners. The Sheriff is also reportedly looking at building tents in the yard at Cook County Jail.” (2).

However since the empty Joliet Prison is available and could easily accommodate the Conference why not put the Conference inside the closed prison (very easy to defend them from the public) if they hold their precious little summit inside the abandoned prison? That way the City of Chicago could avoid all the feral problems that will be happening when Rahm Emanuel’s government teams up with the FEDS to end Chicago as an American Hub for anything more that outright CHAOS. From the articles written so far it sounds like the City of Chicago under former Mossad Agent, former White House Chief of Staff Emanuel can hardly wait to start rounding up the herds of ordinary people, to start steering them straight into prison cells (for their own good) of course!

If this plan goes ahead then it will cost the businesses and the City of Chicago BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS  of dollars in lost business, not to mention the potential damages that the public will have to endure just to please a few dozen of the world’s worst people.

And what about Chicago-O’Hare Airport? Will this also play hell with Air Traffic Nationwide! Will it be necessary to shut down the Airport to stop all those imaginary TERRORISTS from coming into Chicago too?

Is this really SO IMPORTANT that these filthy-rich criminals need to literally take over an entire American city when they could do this whole thing with an extended conference call? Who is going to PAY for all the business-losses, all the time wasted, and for all those days when no one will be allowed to be in their own homes, because some politicians are TERRIFIED of the public they supposedly serve?

“Either national intelligence agencies in the United States have gotten wind of an attack to take place in Chicago in May, or they are overtly creating a manufactured crisis to instill in Americans that absolute power over our homes, lives and daily activities lies in the hands of our benevolent, all-seeing government.

Looking back at Executive Orders and Congressional Legislation over the past decade one can surmise that what’s happening in Chicago is not some half-baked training exercise. Rather, this is what life in America is destined to look like in the future. The National Defense Authorization Act, combined with elements of the Patriot Act, Presidential decrees outlining domestic military response plans, and the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act give the government the power to:

  • Restrict the ability of the people to peaceably assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances, in essence completely abridging the right to free speech
  • Identify and label any activities that threaten to undermine the State as ‘terrorist’ in nature
  • Detain said terrorists indefinitely without charge or trial
  • Deploy armed military personnel in a policing capacity on the streets of America
  • Log, aggregate, red flag and act on any intelligence acquired through emails, phone calls, text messages or social networks

For those who bury their heads in the sand and want to pretend like national security centered legislation is meant to protect us from ‘terrorists’ and not to restrict the freedoms of average Americans, look around.

The control grid is being put into place, it’s happening right here and now, and it’s no longer covert. The powers that be are showing us exactly what the plan is and they’ll implement it city-by-city, town-by-town, one American at a time – until every single one of us is living in a state of fear and compliance.”  (2)

If anyone out there is still waiting to see whether or not the feral government will make good on its promises to lock-down the nation—here’s your wake-up call.

Ask yourself how long will this situation last? Will homes or vehicles be burglarized by the thugs in uniform while you’re occupying space in Joliet Prison; because once you are “out-of-there” a whole lot can happen in your absence—and who knows when you might be coming back? Do you TRUST this government or ex-Mossad Agent Rahm Emanuel with your personal possessions and the integrity of your home or business – because once all the civilians are gone; the pigs in uniforms will go HOG-WILD; and no one will actually be able to prove anything!

Chicago will only be the first major example—other cities will follow if this is allowed to go forward. If this is to be prevented; then the time to begin to end all of this is NOW!

Jim Kirwan

1) Red Cross Prepares Chicago for Mass Exodus During NATO Summit

2) Martial Red Zone in America: Heavily Armed Security Teams to Patrol Chicago


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