The Turning Point – Part Two

The Program


“Following 911, the National Security Agency began a top secret surveillance program to spy on U.S. Citizens without warrants.

Code-named Stellar Wind or ‘The Program; to insiders, the full scope of the surveillance has not been made public.

I was breaking different codes and data systems and doing data analysis against the Soviet Union. Binney worked for the NSA for 32 years. He is regarded as one of the best mathematicians and code-breakers in the N.S.A.’s history.

After 911 they took one of the programs I had done, the back end part of it, and started to use it to spy on everybody in this country. They called the program Stellar Wind. That was separate and compartmented from the regular activity that was ongoing, because it was doing DOMESTIC SPYING. All the equipment was coming in, I knew something was coming in, but then when the contractors I had hired came and told me what was happening it was clear where all the hardware was going and what they were using it to do.

It was simply a different input.  Instead of being foreign it was DOMESTIC.

Here’s the grand design. Think of a domain as an activity, as a specific type of activity. Phone calls, or banking is another domain, so you think of ‘graphing’ each domain and then you take each graph and turning it in the third dimension—the trick now is to map through all the domains in that dimension—pulling together all the attributes that any individual has in EVERY domain – so that now I can pull your entire life together from all those domains and map it out and show your entire life, over time.

The N.S.A. is currently building the country’s biggest data storage facility in Bluffdale, Utah. Binney calculates the facility has the capacity to store 100 years’ worth of the world’s electronic communications.

At DEF-CON: “Bill, How do you reconcile General Alexander’s statement that the NSA ‘isn’t keeping track of every American’ with the existence of every facility like the one in Utah?

Binney: NSA’s charter was to do FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE and I was with that all the way and I did that to the best of my ability, in that job. Unfortunately they took those programs that I built and turned them on you, and I’m sorry for that – I didn’t intend that, but they did that.

“USSID 18” is the N.S.A.’s top-secret manual of definitions and legal directives.

James Bamford, (also at the conference): ‘most people are familiar with the Webster’s definition of the word ‘Intercept”. But USSID has a different definition and that’s that an intercept doesn’t take place until its actually listened to and that’s until somebody puts on some ear phones or actually reads some text on the screen – so you can pull in all the communications that you want.’

Alexander Abdo: ‘So the acquisition isn’t the search the ‘clearing’ later on is the search. They can then keep it in their data base and then ‘target after the fact’, by going back and conducting data mining searches afterward – in other words, to get the information that they couldn’t get from the outset.”

k) This is how thought-crimes can very easily be constructed.

“And there is another real problem. Unfortunately, the software, once it takes in data,  will build profiles on EVERYBODY in that data. The purpose is to be able to monitor what people are doing. You build social networks for everybody. That then turns into the graph and then you index all that data to that graph which means you can pull out a community that gives you an outline of everybody in that community: And if you carry that out from 2001 up you have ten years of their life that you can then lay out in a time-line that involves ANYBODY in the country. Even Senators and House of Representatives – all of them!

The danger here is that we fall into something like a totalitarian State like East Germany. In July 2007the FBI raided the homes of Binney and two other whistle-blowers. “They came in guns drawn in my house ~ when I was getting out of the shower. I wasn’t too upset I just said ‘I suppose I could get dressed here’?

“Tell me something that will implicate somebody in a crime” (the FBI said).

So I told them what the crime was that I knew about and that was that George Bush, Dick Cheney, Tenet and Hayden had conspired to subvert the Constitution and the constitutional process and any number of laws and here’s how they did it. And I explained Stellar Wind on my back porch to all the FBI agents who weren’t cleared. So I created a problem for them, because they had a bunch of people who weren’t cleared for very highly classified: Only because it was DOMESTIC SPYING by the way –

Because that was the reason it was highly classified – they wanted to highly classify the extreme impeachable crimes they were committing.

Top Justice Department officials threatened to resign in 2004 because Stellar Wind violated the Law. (But as yet no one has been charged or gone to jail for any of this)

Their legal objections are NOT public.” (1)

 Why do we have a Federal Bureau of Investigation if it never investigates anything involving the government, government officials or any of the massive-crimes being committed against this nation and its people?! While those who are arrested, harassed, tasered, tortured or killed are the ones who are targeted for arrest or detention and who are probably jailed or disappeared—yet the people who are responsible for committing those crimes against American citizens are never even fined, or charged with any crimes whatsoever?

Globally we have allowed the same people who are poisoning the global food and water supplies of the planet to arrest people for selling lemonade on their front lawns, or for growing food that has no artificial chemicals or additives.

The little people are almost always fined or jailed, while the global mass-murderers are never even questioned, much less arrested or prosecuted for anything which they routinely do to the entire world. Where the fck is the FBI when things get really criminal? The TURNING POINT for all of this shit has been reached, and we must begin to track these people who are above every law of the old USA. See Part One of this story in Turning Point, Part One.

Jim Kirwan

The Program – 8 min 27 sec video


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