Competition Kills

Business as it is being driven by the global-corporations and the global-financial-world is the weapon of choice in what is about to end in international slaughter. Competition we are told is the backbone of all successful enterprise. That’s not only a lie, but it’s a massive distortion of the truth. We tend to learn about competition in sports at a very young age, when it is healthy for the growth and dexterity of individuals: but the minute that competition crosses the line to become “the ONLY thing” that matters; then this marks the end of learning and the beginnings of real and deadly obsessions.

Throughout our lives we are told about the wonders of business, and the success that must be pursued if we are to live “useful lives”: Yet the principles of serious competition are still not well known. What is clear is that the ground rules for global-corporations are massively different (in business) than they are for ordinary people. Here are just some of the contradictions:

Corporations; when it comes to being able to spend money to promote their survival are able to spend UNLIMITED & ANONYMOUS amounts of money to promote their interests, unlike individuals who are limited to how much they can spend to help or push any particular agenda. This comes under the heading of “FREE SPEECH,” according to the Supreme Court, because the court gave corporations the “rights” of personhood with all the advantages of being human, but without any of the RESPONSIBIITIES that ordinary people must answer for. They also allowed corporations to literally live-forever, which people cannot do.

A separate special-privilege allows corporations to use the public’s money to gamble on their own investment opportunities. If the venture succeeds then the Corporations keep the profits, but if their venture fails; then we have to pay their bills, along with penalties and interest, of course. (The recent housing bubble collapse features millions of examples of this particular crime).

The banks and the Insurance companies along with the corporations, for their part, pay virtually NO TAXES, while the people are heavily and routinely burdened to the breaking point in each and every case wherever money is involved. See the illustration above. The people are overseen and targeted by hundreds of agencies: While the corporations and the filthy-rich answer to no one! These are just some of the perks of high-stakes competition; wherever these global-monsters are involved.

But let’s go deeper: What about the philosophy behind this massive imbalance between the haves and the have-nots. The general policy behind corporate-philosophy depends on several key points. The first is that to remain successful, businesses must continue to grow: The bigger the corporation the greater is the requirement for growth. In practical terms this means that the conglomerates must continue to consume the competition by buying up their competitors; in order to just stay even. What usually happens is that industry after industry finds itself reduced to a single “winner.” Each and every year there are fewer and fewer companies in any area of business, instead of a healthy and competitive group of businesses operating in the same field.

The irony is that there is already a global model which proves that this ‘system’ is a total FAILURE. The example is the old USSR which succeeded in having only one of everything—and all of it was state-run. In the New World Order—everything will be corporate, including the militarization of police and military forces world-wide: Thus equaling the Old Russian model, but without the corporate model.

The multinationals believe that because they are corporate instead of government run; that they will succeed, but they are lying to themselves, because corporations are even less likely than governments to be able to assess what is needed to keep any business healthy. Just look at how they manage every takeover. First they buy the company are rock bottom prices, then they strip it of all its saleable assets, sell them off and dump whatever is left over—especially the employees.

This would not be a huge mistake unless everyone begins to do the exact same thing (which is what is happening now). Innovation gets murdered; competitive marketing is abandoned for cutthroat sales that cost the company clients in droves, while adding an ever shrinking end price to their sales volumes. So they cut staff, slash salaries and finally when they crash they dump whatever is left: Write off the losses and move on to the next victim. When every major business begins to operate this way, as is the case now – there is no money left in the pockets of the employees to survive, much less to buy much of anything except survival needs.

In this case “competition” begins to eliminate itself, in much the same way that the bigger fish always eat the smaller fish (in aquatic situations). Our problem is that when there are so few companies to go to when we want some service; we suddenly find that our choices have been eliminated, due to “competition” which is the very thing that a real competition was suppose to prevent. “CHOICE” becomes a very real battlefield casualty and the public is the loser – again.

But this goes deeper still. In the oceans where the big fish eat the smaller fish, the balance is maintained by nature’s control over the predators through the numbers of them and the plentiful or decreasing supply of food. The corporations and the military have been murdering the oceans by poisoning the waters and killing off whole species of food (and life) for short-term “PROFITS.”  This has skewed the food chain and is threatening continued life in the oceans of the world. As usual this is just short-term-corporate and government-interests run amuck; for profits that will disappear in the near future.

The other example related to “competition” is that once each level destroys the level that it feeds on by over-consuming both the available supply and the number of competitors – then in level after level business-life is extinguished completely so that in the end after the plankton (smallest life-form) and the little fish have disappeared there will soon be nothing left for the really big fish to eat—except each other!

This is the part of “competition” that is never talked about because it can always end only in this way (whenever it is allowed to run un-checked).

At the end of the day there will be only one of everything


 And in the end, since there is no way to end the competition between the multinationals, the Outlaws and the various governmental interests who will turn on each other—to determine the survivors of the great die-off that will also end up by eating themselves: Simply because there will be no other choice and because by that time they will know of no other way to behave.

Every single thing in the world is now geared up to be corporate and to function as a food-group for corporations to consume – often completely. Take people for instance. In companies large and small people were formerly managed through personnel departments. Until recently when the name of those departments was changed to “HUMAN RESOURCES” In a few key strokes, employees went from being people to becoming human parts in the corporate machinery to be used, abused, burned out and then dumped, to be replaced by new human parts by “human resources.”

This is what happens when the entire world becomes nothing more than a business! And when that “business” becomes obsessed with competition to the point of distraction from everything else, then the only outcome will be the death of everything of value. This is where the world is now; and if we do not step in and crush this version of the Robber-Barons there will be nothing left for anyone to live in.

All of this stems from the fact that these blood-lines of the filthy-rich have never had to work and because of this they personally know nothing at all about real business; so they continue to make massive mistakes in the name of cutting-costs over creating and maintaining anything like real products or services. “Cheaper is Better” has become the national-international anthem; along with the unmentioned “People are always expendable” philosophy which is what lies behind eliminating nation-states and currencies around the world—so that there shall be nothing besides the global-corporations to be loyal to.

No more flags, one language, one bank, one army, one retail giant, one communications company, one entertainment giant, just one of everything that is universal, and therefore unchallengeable on any level. But they have forgotten that no one is perfect, and they are unaware that their plans are filled with massive holes: Quagmires and quicksand abound, and they too shall fail in this impossibly large undertaking.

“Just-in-time” was their wonder system in the eighties, but it died when it became impossible to keep their ships and planes filled. It was meant to be a worldwide circulating system where products were shipped “just in time” to fill the orders places, eliminating the warehousing of goods. But their greed destroyed American industry and jobs here, so there was almost nothing to send back out across the world. The ships and planes came here loaded with merchandise but had to return empty—very bad for shipping and receiving costs that were prefigured based on cargo going both ways and not just one. Now there are huge islands in the oceans of the world holding up to 500 sea-going cargo ships at a time that had to be abandoned because there is no need for them. In the same way air-cargo planes also had to be mothballed because of the lack of business to require their use. And these are the same people that actually believe that they can actually “run the world’ – successfully!

When this current corporate demand fails too, these bloated corporations that are so top heavy with management-morons that just drain off funds so that there is no way for these corporate shells to show a profit—not when their owners are becoming millionaires by killing the companies they own. The end result is that these captive companies shall have to go the way of all things, especially when those “things” were other living beings, in a world that this preposterous “new world order” is determined to utterly destroy!

Even as they continue to slaughter people by the tens of thousands while they try to kill off seven-eighths of the existing population world-wide, they still cannot foresee what must ultimately happen to them as well!

These massive imbalances thus created to appease an anti-human, anti-world coalition, of the self-appointed, is DOOMED! In part because the salaries, benefits and stock-options they give themselves are so outrageously massive that they tend to dwarf the total value of the so-called companies they supposedly head. So their absolute-endings will be unimaginably hideous—but well deserved nonetheless!

The world can no longer afford multi-national businesses or corporations of any kind, much less multi-national governments that steal their people blind and shoot the wounded in the process.

Unfortunately most of those that are still blindly helping these Outlaws with these ULTIMATE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY have still not figured out that they will be among the first to be eaten, in this last all-out-effort to achieve the impossible.

This video represents the exact opposite of what the speaker is claiming that the business-world will give back to the conquered world which he attempts to describe in this ringing endorsement of the VICTORY of global-corporations, over all the rest of humanity! (1)

All because too many chose to raise “businesses” to the status of some kind of Holy Grail, when in reality these conglomerates are at the bottom of all the professions that once littered this world with the variety of the wonder of their real and professional endeavors.

It’s one thing to be killed—but to die in a war being waged by incompetent self-appointed assholes is the ultimate insult to the bulk of humanity that will be slaughtered in this “last UGLY stand” against GLOBAL-TYRANNY. All that needs to happen is just a little less help from the corporate slaves along with some key failures at some of those special points in any corporate process and pretty soon the corporate armor begins to melt… are you still certain that there is “nothing you can do”?

Jim Kirwan

1) The World is a Business Mr. Beale! – 4 min 44 sec video


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