Eleven Years of Hell – Part Two of Origins

Yesterday I got a response to The Fear of Failure, from a reader. Here’s part of the Q & A because it is not in the normal range of questions or answers – and because as each of us is different, maybe some of these thoughts might throw a little more light on what has really taken place within just the last few years. That would be “in the concluding years” before we lost everything from the Constitution to the Republic—from the Bill of Rights to our self-respect…

Here is part of that conversation:

READER) Besides, what’s it gonna look like? Victory, I mean, victory over tyranny. Just some questions I ask myself: Will it come suddenly or incrementally? How will the oppressors exit?

k) Suddenly, very suddenly. That huge estate that Bush bought in South America most likely, is where most of them will go initially.

R) Will the money system balance out and all wages be fair/decent?

k) No, that will just go up in smoke and produce the kind of chaos that does no one any good!

R) Can we indeed end poverty, starvation, most suffering?

k) We could but that would take decades and the size of the dead populations in the meantime would dwarf the effort, if indeed one will ever be mounted. When everyone living is starving, then the alleviation of the conditions will need to be met first by those ‘others’ who were able to survive, and it is not likely that their first thoughts will be with those that were less fortunate – they will be too busy trying to stay alive to look into charity for others.

R) Will natural law and common law be more fully explored and utilized, instead of hidden or dismissed, where true caring and cooperation can become the norm?

k) No because that has to come from the inside and that has all been UNLEARNED, WHICH IS WHY WE HAVE THESE PROBLEMS that have brought most of us to this impasse.

R) Will science and invention be returned to the people and used only for the good? Will art be restored to its highest purpose, reflecting the truth of each stage of creation? Will all media have “Integrity first” as its driving principle?

k ) NO Because ALL OF THAT CAME FROM LIVING LIFE AND LEARNING FROM THOSE EXPERIENCES – THESE CREATURES ARE not ALIVE and cannot learn from the way they have chosen to live either yesterday or today.

R) Will the vote become transparent and politicians made to understand who they work for and to whom they are accountable, reinstating ‘We The People’ as the true governing body?

k) Never again, because this place is UNGOVERNABLE. The Constitutional form was made for a maximum of 2 million people. We have over 300 million now. And now that we know how to coerce every endeavor into totally commercial opportunities “we” can never go back to a system where energy and creativity are allowed to flourish, over commercial enterprise, unless we crush the system that exists now and replace it with something that is balanced between those who labor and create versus those that “just manage money (or the exchange of goods and or services).”

R) Will sexuality again become wholesome and playful and sacred?

k) Ironically this might be one of the first reversals – given the rampant and colossal failures which these practices could create and encourage; given the right stimulus and that opportunity that only the very have now, maybe sex could make a real comeback once we end-forever the NANNY STATE  and all their paranoia’s.

R) Will there be a rapid build-down of all invasive surveillance apparatus and other intrusive unlawful devices, echoing an end to the police state?

k)That entire industry should be (and probably will be literally destroyed), and the use of any such devices (in the aftermath) will be criminalized with life imprisonment or DEATH for anyone caught playing with anything from that era.

R) Will medicine be only about health and never forced or damaging?

k) How could it be? Medicine would have to return to areas such as the ancient Chinese once practiced, and their technology in medicine would need to be approved by citizen councils and professionals, with zero corporate or business people allowed anywhere near anything to do with medicine. But since all of this requires a total change in every aspect about how anyone lives – I wouldn’t look for massive changes anywhere, except for those that already practice natural health.

R) Will all religion stop lying and controlling and surrender to true spirituality?

k) Religion would need to be abolished worldwide – because it is a total farce and has been nothing but a con-game to bleed people of their money while co-opting their interest in living productive lives.

R) Will cops again be officers of the peace, our local buddies who like to hang out with us and stop in for coffee?

k) NO, they have ended any reality where they can even carry weapons. Responsibility will need to be reintroduced and some form of community would be necessary to enforcing that which does not involve the NANNY-STATE, in any aspect of life – except as a chargeable offense – whenever it tries to raise its hideous head.

R) Will schools honor children and teach freedom and critical thinking?

k) SELF-Education, home schooling would be the only realities and mostly people would not have time for that as every person from young to old will be absorbed in the task of staying alive – so “formal schooling” would be a luxury that would be totally unaffordable. In the beginning we could all  get back to apprenticeships. We would need to go all the way back to the beginning teaching everyone about every aspect of life and living.

R) Will wars and torture absolutely be over?

k) Probably because the population will be too small in the new beginning to have any time for war, (except for self-defense)  and on top of that, having seen too much of that already they will shun its continuance beyond the point of sheer survival.

R) Will all energy be clean and renewable?

k) The sun, the power of earth from geysers and hot-springs and the power of the oceans, would be it to start with. Energy per say would hardly be anyone’s first priority – as there will not be a “world” such as the one we have just torn to pieces – no roads or vehicles more than likely, what would you need power for? Heating or cooling would have to be figured our according to location and available resources – but  that would never resemble what is out there now.

R) Will food and water be restored to their life-giving properties?

k) The earth will undergo a total series of bioengineering and reengineering, (carried out by nature to begin to alter what is safe and what is poison – nature does this routinely, just as nature has already found a way around “Round-up” and she will find a way around this nightmare too, (but it might take a thousand years .) That will also probably be the case for those able to survive during that cleansing. The planet will survive, the same can not be said for most of humanity, because millions will cease to exist.

R) Will the earth again be revered and cared for?

k) Only if the survivors revert to the ways of the North American native tribes so that people can again LEARN how to live WITH NATURE and not in opposition to her. Of course you do know that none of these questions have real answers – yes? These are all things that no one can KNOW, I’m just responding spontaneously, but the same questions will have much different answers when they are put to others:

Who knows maybe people will try and answer some of these things for themselves, and maybe some will ask other perhaps far more profound questions – because that’s really the only way that any of us are going to survive whatever is coming NEXT!

R) Will elders be restored to their place of leadership, honored for their experience and wisdom?

k) That could be but it would have to develop from the practice of practical leadership based on knowledge & wisdom and on what some have learned from living longer.  The outcome of living with nature, cannot be achieved before the ideals that lead to Wisdom are achieved – which would be way past our lifetimes. . .sorry about this, but you did ask what I thought – yes?

R) So these just boil down to the damage that has been done (some of it irreparable), not just to mankind but to the whole planet.

k) YES, because the planet has refused to treat any of these things seriously when in fact these were all pillars of survival, that could not ever be ignored – yet that is exactly what the world chose to do – WE IGNORED EVERY SINGLE IRREPLACEABLE PILLAR OF LIFE for a few dollars more!

R) And then there’s the miracle, that part in all of humanity that still believes in humanity. I leave a lot of room for that to move forward in a healing direction, despite the odds. Each moment, as they say, gives us opportunity to do our best.

k) We can only do whatever we can do, the rest, as many have said, is up to the UNIVERSE!

What happens when you think about some of these things, if indeed it ever comes up? We have spent the last eleven years living in a particular kind of Hell that few ever dreamed we might experience: and yet despite the shutdown or lockdown or whatever is coming vey soon – people are NOT even thinking or talking about either what’s already been done to us, or what might be coming as soon as our money crashes along with the global markets—and with WAR still looming over Iran, Gaza and Syria, virtually nothing is certain. LIFE is uncertain and always has been – but still we have a responsibility to ourselves and to those we love to do whatever we can to avert WWIII.

We have already lost the Constitution and the Republic along with ALL our freedoms, just since we looked the other way when Bush Junior stole the White House. Then we went to war supposedly to protect our way of live and yet IN THAT PROCESS WE MANAGED TO lose THE VERY THINGS WE SAID WE WERE FIGHTING TO PROTECT? And here’s the best part “We don’t even blame anyone for anything that has happened since the New Millennium began – could it be that in reality we actually KNOW that part of that huge FAULT has been ours all along? (1)

Jim Kirwan

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