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While the world has been spiraling out-of-control, our global- movements were being tracked by the human and collective subconscious. That descent has never stopped seeing all that we have purposely avoided knowing. Lately most of that reality is finally becoming visible and ironically we can now look back and see how these nightmares came to be. It’s not pretty, but at least we can identify where we allowed ourselves to become diverted—and today some of those divergent mistakes are finally surfacing.

Even the globally-criminal United Nations could not stop the global recognition of Palestine to become the 194th nation in this world—and that has to be seen as one positive move by the world to correct a six-decade-mistake that finally gives Palestine the right to bring Israel before the global-courts, to begin to end the crimes of Zionist Israel. That has to be one good thing that most never thought they would ever see. (1)

We also know that this nightmare for the US began in 1913 with the creation of The Federal Reserve that stole the rights of America to print our own money; and that this was done by the Zionists led by Woodrow Wilson, the US President at the time, and who later appointed the leader of the global-Zionist-movement to be appointed to head the US Supreme Court in 1919. From that point forward this country’s future had already been captured by the dark-side.

“At the very time of the Cold War with Communism the US taxpayer was totally financing the Soviet Union which had been insolvent since 1917 and which had been maintained by the US taxpayer’s ever since. And Woodrow Wilson (the same man who signed the Federal Reserve Act into Law) initiated this system of financing the Soviet Union since 1917. Congress voted Woodrow Wilson a special emergency war fund of one-hundred million dollars (in today’s money more like a TRILLION dollars) to prosecute the war against Germany. Wilson took ten million dollars of it and sent it Russia to help the Bolsheviks in Russia. There were no Bolsheviks in the US Congress, so why did Congress authorize him to send them $10 million? They’ve been doing it ever since.” (2)

Anyhow Norman Podhoretz published his autobiography a few years after the Cold War; and he stated in his autobiography ~ that The only purpose of the Cold War was to ARM ISRAEL to fight the Arab nations. We’re in Iraq today because Podhoretz armed Israel in the1950’s. All this came out of the Paris Peace Conference at Versailles in 1919. There’s a book called “1919 Paris and Versailles” and that’s a very important book – it tells you everything that was done At the Versailles Peace Conference. One of the main things was a very vigorous Zionist-CONFERNECE, at the World Peace Conference in 1919 – And the Zionists got everything they wanted – this included Woodrow Wilson who was himself a very ardent ZIONIST (THAT’S THE SAME BASTARD THE LET The Federal Reserve BE CREATED in 1913). So you put Brandeis who was the head of the Zionist World Organization – put him on The Supreme Court of the United States (Zionists have been imbedded throughout the old USA going all the way back to 1919).

When Wilson put Brandeis on the Supreme Court that is when the Supreme Court became the operating-entity for the world conspiracy – RIGHT THERE – AND ITS BEEN THAT EVER SINCE. That’s why they (the Supreme Court on 12-12-2000) voted to put George Bush in the Presidency (This was TREASON, and we never challenged any of it).” (2)

When we look back on America’s history we can see that the US had created something that virtually went unnoticed until the Viet Nam War. It seems that America had developed an unheard-of tradition in virtually every-generation of our citizens: Each and every generation has always had their own set of wars, to which this nation routinely sent its young into, to fight and die for nothing, but THE BORG which this nation’s leadership had already become back in 1913.

The U.S. presidency proclaimed that the US military has ALWAYS protected the American people: Yet these traitors have never spelled out what our young people are supposedly protecting the American-public from, in real-word places like Viet Nam. The Vietnamese people in the twentieth-century fought the Brits, followed by the Japanese and then the French until finally it was the Americans that were finally defeated by the Vietnamese because the people of that nation were fighting for their own lands. Yet even today we in America seem unwilling to fight for our lands; because we know that these are NOT “our lands” but just our PROPERTY. And just as Zionist-Israel fights to retain the lands of the Palestinians. Americans unconsciously seem to know, that we too have stolen land beneath our feet; which is part of why we fail to comprehend why the original inhabitants in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and other places just will not give up the fight—because the lands we’re fighting over are their lands, and their people’s land along with their actual heritage that is at stake, while to us it’s just a fight over property and resources that common sense dictates the population ought to surrender to us—because otherwise the people we’re fighting will die?

When we lost the Vietnam war after about 15 years of slaughter that killed over 2 million Vietnamese and 57,000 Americans – a great number of things had to be re-examined—but that re-examination was cut short because the media that created the public response to the Viet Nam War was bought off by the same-traitors that sold us out to the global-Zionist cabal in 1913. So in the closing days of the Viet Nam War we saw America lose JFK in1963, our Freedom of Speech in 1964, MLK and his Dream of Freedom and Robert Kennedy just for good measure. The aftermath of Vietnam that ought to have brought real changes to the way Americans live their lives saw instead, a schism that segregated this nation into the ubber-rich versus the slaves, with no outlet to correct any of these crimes that originated back in 1913… (3)

Part of the reason that Americans have stopped looking is that unlike Vietnam: There is no DRAFT today. So those who live-their-lives without fear of any disruption have paid NO ATTENTION to how many wars, or how those wars are going, because they believe they will never be affected by whatever we do to those people that remain out-of-sight and therefore out-of-mind. Consequently most Amerikkkan’s absolutely refused to see the handwriting, on every wall: That warns everyone with eyes of the INVASION of the USA that is pending, even as we speak today.

After Vietnam, the traitors that seized this place began to put in-place their own crushing-implementation of the CRIME-of-the-CENTURY with everything that happened before, during, and after on 911 in 2001. This article contains many of those still unexplored facts that together could quickly result in the total reversal-of-fortunes stolen by everyone involved in what happened on that September Day in 2001.

Consequently the world has the information needed to reverse these problems in and around America; the constitution, and the non-existent laws—except that we lack the guts to challenge anyone among the few that have come to kill us. (4)

This is why we have been quietly absorbed into becoming the semi-visible BORG of this country and in the world. But there is also this; possibly from Nature, with LOVE and 640 million years of waiting? (5)

I know the links are long; but most of them contain some of the information that is part of the key to understanding what happened to us, and it’s why we have not been able to successfully refute so much of this nightmare, in the conventional-ways. Of course you can skip anything here—but no one can speak about what they refuse to investigate for themselves—which is why these links might help those that want to know, about most of what is still not part of the national discussion.

I know this is not a typical article, the last few haven’t been—but then many are still fighting an unconventional war and each one of us must do whatever we can, to assist in any way we can, to alter what keeps on coming with every minute that passes for living today…

Jim Kirwan

1) U.N. General Assembly votes to recognize Palestinian State

2) Nails in the Coffin – Part Two
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3) VIETNAM in HD – 6 video’s
VN hd ep1 – 43 min 34 sec
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4) Black 9/11: Money, Motive, Technology and Plausible Deniability – 39 min 11 sec video

5) What’s Going on at Yellowstone


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