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This year 40,000 new laws were added to the existing so-called laws we are already obligated to follow. Think about that for just a moment. Even if each law were only to involve a single sheet of paper, that’s 40,000 pieces of paper that will change your life in ways that most of us could never imagine. Yet many of the new laws consist of hundreds if not thousands of pages—and “we” are responsible for following each one of them to the letter.

How many of us will even try to comply?

Unfortunately far too many just follow-orders, and then wonder why there is no future, and why there can be no change in any of this except that it will only get worse; in a world where we are being promised continual wars for as long as there is a world at all. Where is the profit in that?

The result is that we no longer live in a place where we can live our lives. Instead we have become nothing but slaves to the demands of those that make all these totally bogus laws which are bankrupting everyone who must work to survive; ever-deeper, each and every day. In addition to the financial-farce, we are expected to never question anything as if all that has happened to most of the people here is as it should be?

We need to be armed and out in the streets demanding changes!

Any society that is governed in this way is no longer free to breathe or free to even think for itself any longer. This is where we have failed. Every passing day more of these criminally constructed “orders” just keep on coming to steal whatever might be left of our lives.

At the very top of this list are all the new invasions against our rights to self-defense which comes to every person who lives. Yet there is now no-longer any law to protect anyone from the criminality of this outlaw government: With no end in sight! The simple fact that such inequities need to be graphically pointed out to the Amerikkkan public is itself an abomination that has so far not been challenged by the public who is expected to pay for all these criminal-invasions into our daily lives: While some of us try to find ways to survive in this firestorm without end.

The world has lost-its-way because we have forgotten that it is our personal-responsibility to run and control our own lives. It has never been the responsibility of any government to live or decide how we are to live our lives as free-citizens. We are NOT CONSUMERS. We are individual people, with our own way of seeing and thinking about what our lives and occupations will be about. None of that is the “business” of any government, and it never has been!

A foreboding silence is beginning to grow among us while we await the next huge-event. Many believe that whatever-it-is it might well signal the end of the world or worse. Yet too many still refuse to even look closely at what we may soon be facing.

The future is NOT what we are being told to expect.

Government wants us all to believe that we are about to suffer through a re-run of the late nineteen-thirties when every nation that was captured then, had already undergone the horror of first being disarmed. The United States of America has NOT been disarmed-yet.

Despite whatever this government says about the impending attempt to strip people of their rights to self-defense—that will not happen without a lot of blood being spilled, and most of it will come from thugs in US uniforms of one kind or another.

Those who are preaching “ESCAPE from the Cities” don’t have a clue about what is about to happen. I live in a metropolitan area where the freeways can easily be ten to twelve lanes wide and where commuter traffic is a massive series of problems for as far as the eye can see. The nine-bay-area counties comprise something like the fourth largest population area in this country, and this presents a major problem for those that are telling us we are about to be invaded.

When the Nazi’s came to round-up the Jews the streets were largely dominated by government vehicles and the public had already been disarmed. Moreover the nation of Germany was not huge, but it was already conditioned to surrender to the fascist state. The “STATE owned the streets and the weapons. In the USA today the population has been preparing for WAR, not for disarmament. As for the streets and highways there is no way that the state can do anything against the legions of commuters which they would like to channel into slavery—because there is simply no way that any armed-force can effectively move so many millions of vehicles unless those people decide that they will comply. And lately, it appears that the government is making millions of new enemies with every passing day.

The reason that TSA has succeeded is because of the choke-points naturally created for the passengers that can be controlled by thugs. The same thing will never be true of the highways or the trains or the underground, because there is no way to control so many millions of people, without causing more riots than anyone can contain. Once any government action is undertaken to attack people openly, amid such a mass of human beings, there would be a BACKLASH, almost immediately that would see the attackers decimated and most of them as I’ve said before—will not be able to go home again. Since there are no replacements for the idiots in uniform their numbers will vastly diminish with every day that passes which is why the criminal government is still so uncertain about how to force us to comply with anything.

That’s why government is trying to tongue-lash and bully the public into surrendering their guns: As if the government was somehow or other a replacement for GOD himself when in reality their ‘god’ of Gold-Oil and Drugs is nothing at all like the religious version or something similar. Once this government turns loose their junk-yard-dogs against the public in ways that the public can clearly see; then it will be the government that will find itself on the wrong end of those hundreds of millions of privately-owned-weapons, and running for their lives—not the other way round!

The government has great faith in tanks, drones, aircraft and missiles and all the other toys they OWN. But if they try to use them against us now—that will only produce their nightmare of all nightmares. The BACKLASH they would create simply can’t be backed-up with anything in actual-reality. This is not the late nineteen-thirties. This is the first real war of the New Millennium and the rules of our wars are totally different than all the rules of any wars that were ever true before. The problem is that those that spent so many years at war (with the whole-planet) to create these new rules—do not understand what they’ve actually created.


Yes the fascist-NAZI’s of today can appear to be very intimidating but only against disarmed-populations. Yes they can terrorize the public demonstrators, when those people are not-armed, and starving—but they cannot do the same thing to determined people who are armed and angry to the core. And once the government commits to slaughtering the innocent people of any country, such as the US currently is—they will find very rapidly that they will be outgunned and slaughtered where they stand because they have overrated their powers in the face of what they have said that we MUST do: Which is that we must UNCONDITIALLY SURRENDER to the nothings that have claimed ownership of the entire planet; when the fact is that they do not have the people, the troops or the will to do what they constantly tell us that they are capable of. Moreover they have actually begun to believe their own PR – and that is always fatal!

Any country that would have Israel for a partner can never
Win anything ever!

What is fascinating is that I’ve written about the government’s new claim of private-ownership which includes the entire border area of the United States to a depth of 100 miles-in from the oceans and from every border back into the United States. This includes 70 to 80% of all the major-population centers in the USA. That means that there is now a DEAD-ZONE wherein there will no longer be a Constitution—yet no one wants to explain or challenge this fact—why not?

If this filthy-government is that powerful, then why have they been so strangely silent about their newly declared ownership of all that land? The reason is simple they cannot enforce this land-grab any more than they can shut down the nation without losing everything they say they’ve already conquered. Basically this government is full of shit and that’s why they have kept any conversation about their totally feral-territory totally silent! Check out the footnotes as well. (1)

That plays into this short video which clearly defines just how they want the punks they’ve hired to murder us, to see the people of the USA.

“The Department of Homeland Security, which is heavily involved with Obama’s civilian defense initiative that is arming AmeriCorps youths with automatic weapons, has a set of new targets for practice shooting. DHS has just purchased over one billion dum-dum rounds of ammunition and has processed orders for thousands of automatic weapons. They are simultaneously trying to outlaw semi automatic rifles for the civilian population.

The targets are in sequence as follows: A very pregnant White woman with a handgun, an White octogenarian with a shotgun, A seven-year old White boy with a handgun, A young White mother with her daughter holding a handgun, A elderly White lady with a hand gun, A young White school aged girl with a hand gun, a second old White man with a shotgun. All the targets are Caucasians.

The fact that the entire AmeriCorps consists of minority’s has not by us gone unnoticed. The very obvious fact that this is an exercise to desensitize minority AmeriCorps members from killing innocents obviously from the target picture trying to protect themselves and their families is noted.” (2)

This government cannot balance a checkbook they cannot manage criminal theft on such a scale, despite the fact that they have been spying on the entire planet for over thirteen years. But even more disturbing is the FACT that the US public puts up with their lame-ass answers as to why we can’t ever profit from anything!

They have tried and yet they cannot succeed at anything except destruction, deception and desolation in whatever they plan to touch. Their little bankers that have tried to remake the world into criminal-cabals have not succeeded because everything they touch is imploding as we speak. All that’s really left is for all their artificiality to just collapse along with all their schemes and massive crimes – which is the only way that this travesty can ever end.

In fact all of this could be easily summed up in the OUTRAGE of the plight of Jonathon Pollard.

Jewish Agency says 28 years of prison ‘is enough’

“ed note—Please remember something as you read this—Jonathon Pollard and his religiously-driven treason on behalf of ‘America’s only ally’ in the Middle East put 300 million Americans in real and present danger. The trillions of dollars spent in building up American’s defenses against a nuclear attack from the USSR went up in smoke within a few minutes. Besides this, his treason led to the deaths of over 1,000 American Intelligence assets whose identities around the world were revealed.

But to Jews like Lapid, none of this matters. All that matters is that a fellow Jew is rotting in a gentile prison, convicted by gentiles of having violated gentile laws in a gentile country, and irrespective of what he did by virtue of being one of ‘God’s Chosen’ he is innocent and must be set free. And these people are accused of having mixed loyalties wherever they go ???” (3)

In my view Pollard should be beheaded, thereby setting him free. All the members of the US Government that want him to go free should be arrested and allowed to finish out his sentence for his treason, which would be to the end of all their days. That would end the “Question” of Pollard and the non-crisis for that one Jew. If Obama pardons that traitor then Obama should take his place, and then the world might have some reality to begin to build upon…

Jim Kirwan

1) Questioning – America Without Constitutional Law

2) Far Beyond Outrageous

3) Yair Lapid’s Teary Plea for Convicted Spy Jonathan Pollard’s Freedom


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