Declaring Military Ownership of the World

From Russia today comes news of the American attack on Syrians within Syria, that resulted in the murder of over 100 people.
The reason given by America was in reprisal for the injury.
Of one US soldier – no death occurred.
USI said that ‘we are staying in Syria until we decide to leave’,
knowing that US troops are there illegally and that’s been the case
since we began the internal war in Syria which we started over 6 years ago – to overthrow Syria, just as we did in Iraq, Libya and elsewhere.

Also today Trump announced that America will soon celebrate out military
with a massive military parade in D.C.

Trump’s Show & Tell

Considering that the pentagon & the government has literally lost
from 11 to 13 trillion dollars. This adds obscenity to the hubris
of this ‘celebration’ of all the global wars
for especially the last 18 years.

If the congress were sincere, they could finally rubber stamp all these wars from Korea to 911 & beyond. As far as “CELEBRATING” our military, that we have ignored since WWI, It would seem that the billions Trump wants to spend on this “PARADE” could be far better spent by making sure that the VETS get the services and money that has been too long denied, to the millions of vets that have been waiting in vain for “the help” that we were promised – in my case for 67 years – and still NOTHING.

While millions of draftees were going to Vietnam, where Trump did not participate, while the rest of us, both before 1965 and after have been forced to wait for this so-called government to honor its PROMISES – and instead he’s going to give the nation ‘this Military Parade’ that clearly shows us how much the lives of the American survivors of the US Military – still don’t matter, after the damage has been done to the VETS.

Jim Kirwan


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