Never Before Have I Ever Seen…

…Anything even remotely as positive as what I’ve just witnessed over the past thirty days, in and with the FIFA World Cup that was just held in Russia, in 2018.

I’ve been following global-politics since I left active-duty in the Air Force in 1961. Since I came back to civilian life, I’ve watched and participated in local, state and national-international politics, as a reporter, as a part-owner of an independent journal and as a political commentator, only to remain frustrated by the continuing drop of the public’s participation in politics at all levels – until the beginning of this year’s World Cup Soccer playoff’s that were just held in Russia.

Until now the planet has clearly been held hostage by lawless-global traitors that have only grown stronger every year, while the public has largely remained silent around the planet.

What Russia has done in this World Cup was to bring the entire planet together, to share in the joy of real and open competition that until now, has not been seen before. The world watched as the political world has been doing everything they could to keep people away from attending these games, in Russia—but it did not work! For the first time millions upon millions of citizens from around the world went to Russia to witness both the games, the country of Russia and the real Russian people for themselves—for an almost uninterrupted thirty days of “football” interspersed with history, the peoples and fans from other nations, along with the outpouring of joy and comradery between nations, races and peoples from around the world.

For possibly the first time in 57 years, the entire world has finally taken a place of their own, in what was a nearly total global-nightmare that has been controlled almost-non-stop, for all those years.

And as the games continued, the international public from many, many nations have finally been able to participate in this truly global-event: and virtually nothing that the Deep-State, Israel or USI could do; could even make a dent in the spontaneous joy that has been on continuous display for such a long time.

The U.S., England, and Israel threw everything they could construct toward stopping these games, and all of that paranoia went nowhere. Tens of millions of people got the chance to see for themselves just what Russia is really like, which includes the Russian people, the cities and exactly how varied and beautiful the world’s largest nation really is: No amount of political-mud or fear-filled BS will ever be able to alter their personal experiences at this year’s World Cup in Russia, in 2018.

This event should serve notice upon these political-troglodytes that have been working round-the-clock to end the world, that their pathetic quest, has finally been exposed to the truth of what they’ve said is the worst of the worst of all the nations: This is nothing but another worn-out straw-man that has exhausted its’ pretended “strengths” in shadowed-fantasies that are about to crash in the impending international collapse.

Meanwhile the war-mongering by Israel, Trump and Saudi-Arabia continues, but the “teeth” they say they have are beginning to rot in place – even before they announce their true intent. Just look at the MAP

Yesterday: US to open new military bases in Iraq, Kuwait: Reports

Given the map above, with 44 U.S Bases already surrounding Iran, in blue, in between Saudia Arabia on the Left & Pakistan et.all on the Right – every encircled-star stands for another American Military base – so why in the hell should we add any more to this already “obscene” picture?

As of May 1, 2018: Putin claims Russia is developing nuclear arms capable of avoiding missile defenses. (Article Washington Post, limited access.)

The world cannot afford to play with nuclear weapons, as if these were just chess pieces on a reusable chess board – because just one slip could end life on the entire planet – and I doubt that those millions upon millions of people that just enjoyed their own lives and dreams in Russia, as viable human-beings, will be willing to settle for the extermination of the world, they just discovered inside Russia at the global football championship…

Jim Kirwan


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