The Leadership of the USS Titanic 2018

After his tumultuous campaign and his first year of lies, lies and more lies, Trump has finally revealed his “truly awesome team”. The now infamous “SWAMP” is still everywhere and is still untouched by any of the criminals in or out of office that have yet to be charged or arrested, by either the criminal-constituency in the courts, the congress, or the military.

The public has again been taken for yet another political-ride from promises addnauseum all the way to blatant treason’s at every level of everything, including the now permanently Tarnished-House.

In the first stunning addition that survived his own criminal role at the UN, John Bolton just surpassed ‘Nickii Haley’ – who tried but failed to equal Bolton’s obscene record, but who is now Trump’s new” mouthpiece” at NSA.

Trump’s other most recent star-crossed ‘character’ came into this stumbling government from the U.S. Military Academy, after five uneventful years – where he then into business and politics while sharpening his rather strange points of view, that may have found some advocates: But his policies have yet to be proven anywhere except in his and Netanyahu’s misbegotten “thoughts.”

Mike Pompeo is a true-believer in “American Exceptionalism”, at all costs, no matter where that dead-concept may be challenged.

Pompeo comes to the Department of State straight from the CIA. The last time that happened, sort of, was when George H.W. Bush came to the Tarnished House directly from his directorship of the CIA—and we all know just how well that worked out, when in 1991 the Wimp attacked Iraq the first time, and millions died but Saddam escaped…

Most people gave Trump some time before deciding upon his mercurial management style: But now the dye’s been cast and the result is not anything that ‘America” can survive – yet that is what he has managed to make clear to the world, in all the shifting sands that have surrounded Korea, Syria and Ukraine along with the now multiple-invasions by many unwelcome nations that are now making war inside Syria—which neither the UN nor any of the other international agencies have chosen to do anything about—especially when it comes to Israel.

All of this comes back to the false belief that “America is the sole Exceptional Nation on this earth: Which Pompeo now believes must be translated to every nation on the planet – because in his view every other nation must do whatever the American Secretary of State, Pompeo, now requires of them, ‘or they will be invaded—no exceptions will be tolerated’.

“This [US] is a unique, exceptional country. Russia is unique, but not exceptional. It behaves in ways that are deeply different from what we ever ought to contemplate. The words ‘democracy promotion’ and ‘Vladimir Putin’ are unlikely to be used in the same sentence, paragraph, or document— maybe the same century… I mean, look at the election meddling, right?” said Pompeo.”

See the second video inside the link: Pompeo embraces the idea that America is the only nation on earth that is totally “exceptional”, on top of the fact that he has embraced the massive lies about everything related to 911, Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as Libya and of course Syria…

US Exceptional, Russia Is Not? Pompeo Is in for Some Major Shocks – Twitterians
“This isn’t patriotism; this is lunacy,” a Twitter user said in response to an assertion by the incumbent CIA Director Mike Pompeo that the US is morally above Russia …

k – Amerika, “the United States Incorporated”, is now the only power on the planet, every other nation must take direction from us and this mercurial Tarnished House in all things, regardless of reality.The Freedoms as listed in the US Constitution are clearly all dead and buried as the Trump administration has now declared total dominance – in every area of life in 2018. At the same time “NO EVIDENCE IS REQUIRED” wherever any crime, anywhere in the world, has supposedly been committed – without any evidence required.

The latest “evidence-free accusation” is the charge that was just laid upon Iran to reimburse the survivors of 911 for the deaths of those lost in that Israel-USI crime on September 11, 2001.

US judge orders Iran to pay billions to families of 9/11 victims.

I want to be there when these traitors finally face the gallows they all so richly deserve, how about you.

Jim Kirwan


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